30 – Final Video


Evaluation (point 3)

Audience feedback is key in the media, as the audience bring in the revenue and make persons work credible, it is also what makes a film popular or not, the more people that enjoy a film the more the message of it gets spread. And the aim for us is to please our audience.

We posted our final video on YouTube. So, you can see the analytics below that show the results of our video on youtube of our video, after it was up for 3 days:


Slightly frustrating how our average view duration was online 1:39. Which is just over 1 minute before the music video would have been finished. This could be a suggestion that the video was slightly boring, or maybe the viewers were confused by the narrative and, therefore, exited the video. It is not too bad, however because it is possible that some of the views were people who found the video but realised it wasn’t for them once they clicked on it, and, therefore, closing it immediately.

And our video made it to 7 different countries, such as the UK, Germany, Russia, US, UAE, Spain and Turkey.



Also, we asked some our students on campus to give us some feedback on camera. We asked them whether it was possible for them to give us feedback scene by scene as it happens, and then at the end a synopsis whether they liked it or not, and why:


We were expecting a lot of the criticism I received, however, we were overwhelmed with the positive feedback we received, seeming as for almost all the people giving the feedback bar one, it was the first time they had seen the music video and for them to notice small intricate details we put in the video not expecting many people to notice at first glance.Also, I posted the link to our music clip on Facebook and asked my friends to leave some feedbacks in comments.

Also, I posted link to our music clip on Facebook and asked my friends to leave some feedbacks in comments:

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Evaluation (point 1)

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1. This shot shows him by himself on a cliff near the beach looking far into the horizon. This shot really underlines his loneliness, as there is no sign of any other people in the masses of the beach. Also, this shot has him drinking a bottle of vodka straight, this gives the first impression to the audience that he has a possible drinking problem, and this will already embed a message to the audience that he is lonely and depressed.

2. Here Karam is walking around the library and searching for the book, which can change his life. In this scene, we tried to make the mysterious atmosphere, which will keep the interest of our audience to Karam’s fate.

3. Karam visits the casino, however, this time, he does not gamble, he, in fact, looks at the table whilst people are playing, and somebody calls him over to sit and play, Karam, however, does not acknowledge it and him, in fact, walks away. This shows the change in Karam’s life the girl has made, and how he has progressed. The question looms around the audience, however, How long can he keep it up for?

4. Then the problems go to the next level in this shot as it shows him taking cocaine. Now the audience is definitely well aware of his problems. A few engine codes are embedded in the opening; the audience will start questioning why he is like this? The answer that most of the viewers will come to is because of loneliness and depression.

5. This is another pivotal moment in the storyline. Here is where Karam met the girl and for the first time seems to be happy and it looks like it is completely derived from her as there is no such sign of drugs, it just them to on their own playing computer games. This will make the audience believe that them two being together makes Karam happy,  this will make the audiences  relationship feel good about the girl because she has seemingly completely changed Karam’s mood.

6. This shot is of Karam educating himself, by reading books. This is a signal to the audience that he is trying to change his life, and this shot comes right after them being happy together. So the audience may think that she has been the inspiration in his life to turn it around, and a move that most people make when trying to change their life around from drug and alcohol abuse is to educate themselves more. Which is exactly what Karam is shown doing.

7. The answer to the question asked above is; not that long. As in this shot, it shows Karam in the same time period as the casino (because of the same clothing) taking cocaine in the toilet. This makes the audience ask more questions: Why did he move back onto the drugs? he left the casino, Clearly because he realised that it wasn’t for him anymore. But then why would he go back to the drugs?  We put this shot here to make the audience ask questions and be engaged, and the way we tried to keep them engaged is by putting them on an emotional rolacasoter.

8. Another plot twist, Here Karam is shown throwing away his vodka. A sign that he is done with that sort of life, as he clearly wasn’t finished with the vodka as it still had a visible amount left in it. The over dramatic throw as well shows that he wasn’t just throwing it away because at the moment in time he didn’t want it, it shows that he doesn’t want it in his life for good. Because he now finds real happiness from the girl, and this seems to solve the two root causes of his problems; depression and loneliness.  This shot is also shown right before he puts the full bag of  cocaine down the sink, which gives the viewer that extra reason to believe that he is done with alcohol and drugs for good.

9. The last shot in the video is the same as the first shot of Karam, except it is done in reverse and is faded from the view of some birds. Karam is putting his head down not up this signals the end of his thoughts. It makes the viewer feel that they have just come out of his mind and they get a little reality check. I believe this shot to be very symbolic, it doesn’t just signal the end of the music video but it also shows how so much can go on in somebody’s head at one time and only by seeing it from their perspective do you understand why some people do what they do.

How important the print advert

It is very important because it grabs the attention of the consumer and draws attention to the albums name, artist and release date.


This particular advert is very good because it displays all the information the consumer wants and needs. Such as who is the performer, when tickets go on sale, where and when it is, the special guest, ticket prices and website name. It also looks attractive so it encourages people to look and observe it.

Research about CD advertising

I have done some research about CD advertising in the music industry.

Here is some example from “Nirvana”:

Снимок экрана 2016-02-28 в 16.43.08

And here are the points, which Cd advertising should have:

  1. Name of Artist Name of Album Record Label Logo Artist website Artist logo Main image Date of release
  2.  Name of the Artist • Advertising the artists name is the main purpose for the Digipak advert and it is curtail that any CD advertisement has it.
  3.  Name of the Album • Like the artists name, the album name is also crucial to have on the advertisement. The bolder = the more memorable and eye-catching.
  4.  Main Image • The main image will usually be on the digipak/album too ensure that people can identify with the bands look.
  5.  Logo • There will usually be some kind of artist logo on the advert. This acts as something small and recognisable which is usually placed on all all of the artists merchandise.
  6.  Artist and Label Website • The website of the artists and the record label will usually feature on the advert at the bottom in smaller text.
  7.  Release Date • There will always be a date where the album is released as it is the main purpose of the advertisement to inform the public. If there is not a date it will say ‘Out Now’.
  8.  Reviews • There will usually be reviews and ratings from bigger companies like ‘The rolling stone’ .
  9.  Record Label Logo • The record label which the album belongs to will have its logo on the advert; usually at the bottom and is fairly small.